for trio of Bb clarinet, violin & 'cello
duration ca 9'30"
Seisiún (2014) is a personal reflection on the wonderful institution of the traditional Irish session – God only knows how many of these I have been to throughout the years! This piece doesn’t attempt to recreate a session – such an effort would be futile – rather I imagine this as a musical equivalent to Brian Vallely’s approach in his paintings. The focus on the music and musicians can oscillate between the realist and impressionist; occasionally we are presented with a heightened awareness of the physicality of what is taking place (beyond the musicality), at other times we are swept up in the flow of tune. Seisiún was commissioned by Concorde with funds from the Arts Council Ireland and premièred by them at the RHA Gallery, Dublin on 23rd February 2014. 

Past performances:​​​​​​​
05.10.2014 — Concorde Ensemble, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
23.02.2014 — Concorde Ensemble, RHA Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

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