for organ
duration ca 5'
​​​​​​​For A Lone Piper (2012), for three-manual organ, draws on the sonic imagery of the uilleann pipes. Using techniques of the uilleann pipes such as drones and regulators (a set of chord keys operated by the wrist), the piece loosely follows the form of a traditional Irish air. The performer is also permitted some freedom in the interpretation of certain sections of the work where a set of pitches/chords is outlined in a box and the performer can combine these in whatever way they feel appropriate. This effect has been influenced by the regulators on the uilleann pipes which permit the piper to harmonise the melody they are playing using a fixed number of combinations of pitches. This short work is intended to be the introduction to a larger suite for organ.

This piece is dedicated to David Bremner who gave the first performance of this work in Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin on November 28th, 2012. 

Past performances:
18.06.2014 — Pier Damiano Peretti (organ), Pipeworks Festival, Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland
14.06.2014 — David Bremner (organ), St Finn Barre’s Cathedral, Cork, Ireland 
20.11.2013 — David Bremner (organ), Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland
28.11.2012 — David Bremner (organ), Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

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