Some recent happenings in the world of (clockwise from top L-R) with producer Eoin Brady & former Maynooth student and composer Katie Neville at the announcement of the winners of RTÉ Lyric FM's 20th Anniversary Commission Competition; with Martin Dyar and the Damselfly Trio at a performance of Buaine na Gaoithe at the Irish World Academy, UL; conducting the Music Generation Laois Trad Orchestra at the Malt House in Stradbally in the premiere of Loinnir Laoise; in Vienna with the Ulster Youth Orchestra and my new work Ogham at the fabulous Museumsquartier; the amazing illustrations of Jonathan McHugh that accompanied the latest instalment of the BBC NI's Ulster Airs Scheme.

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🎉​​​​​​​EXCITING NEWS!! 🎉I am delighted to announce that I was the recipient of an RTÉ Lyric FM commission to write a concerto for Irish harp and Orchestra as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. This exciting opportunity allowed me to work closely with harpist Máire Ní Chathasaigh and conductor Gavin Moloney in creating the work which was premiered on 1st May at the National Concert Hall, Dublin by Anne-Marie O'Farrell and the National Symphony Orchestra. You can check out the premiere online at, starting around 48 minutes in.


"Molloy understands the potential of traditional and contemporary music. With such insider knowledge, the composer crafted a compelling synthesis of styles such as in the first movement where a traditional sounding dance in the harp arose from a minimalist soundscape. Now with two excellent concertos – this one and the previous one for violin – that develop spaces between traditional and contemporary music, Molloy has proven himself an adept composer in this idiom and leaves one waiting, expectantly, for his next large-scale contribution." 

 ☞ Check out Tim Diovanni's review of Gealán in the Journal of Music.

Upcoming events​​​​​​​

06.06.19 – 19:30, Performance of Buaine na Gaoithe by the Damselfly Trio, Museum Rehmann, Laufenburg, CH
07.06.19 – 19:30, Performance of Buaine na Gaoithe by the Damselfly Trio, Schmiedenhof, Basel, CH
08.06.19 – 20:00, Performance of Buaine na Gaoithe by the Damselfly Trio, Gartensaal, Villa Boveri, Baden, CH
01-02.07.19 – Teaching and performances at Blas Summer School, University of Limerick, IE

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Past events

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