Trad Noise Trio

Martin Dowling // Fiddle
Ryan Molloy // Piano
Úna Monaghan // Harp
CD  twentytwelve  released October 2013

Eric Lyon             Noise Programming
Chris Corrigan     Recording Engineer

Eric Lyon’s computer programme sends instructions over a local wifi network to laptops in front of the musicians. The selection and duration of the instructions are randomly generated from a customized set of possibilities, differ for each performer, and differ in each performance. The unpredictable nature of the instructions invites the performers to mediate between the known and the unknown.

The Trad Noise Trio explores the possibilities of noise in Irish traditional music, combining the practice of traditional music with the practice of systematic indeterminacy. Tunes are played straight, and then bent, spliced, stretched, compressed, and possibly reconstructed into something magical, unpredictable, and unrepeatable called “trad noise.”

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