🎹💿 Debut PIANO album 💿🎹
Ryan Molloy // pianophony

CD/download available for purchase via my bandcamp page. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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So Ryan Molloy has finally got around to doing what so many people have been begging him to do for years. This long awaited solo album more than justifies the faith and admiration that he has been modestly receiving from peers and public alike. An unfair advantage at birth sees him equally at home playing fiddle in a session, accompanying reels and jigs on the piano with astonishing virtuosity and wit, and then fulfilling the day job as Assistant Professor of Composition at Maynooth University.
         Of Ryan's innate musicality and technique there is no doubt, but in this album we hear the unique touch, the humour, the left-of-centre harmonic jiggery pokery, the ability to peer into the undergrowth of familiar tunes to extract the colour and texture hidden there, but crucially, he knows when not to interfere, and senses just how far he can stretch a tune. Little rhythmic twinkles takes us on a mystery jaunt - just around this bend a tune emerges from a light drizzle, and here is a growly bass line laying down the law, a hairpin bend of unexpected chord sequence, a delicately placed grace note adding elegance. And as for elegance, well, the voice of Shauna Mullin is beyond compare, the dark polished wood, the moonlight shining through a cobweb, her songs are possessed of a stillness and serenity, warm communication and a bewitching richness of sound. Her contribution to this recording is masterful and seductive. This is a collection of music heartfelt and sincere, a fresh and original look at familiar tunes, whilst all the time retaining a deep love and respect for tradition and heritage and all its gifts.

For me Ryan Molloy's music is a constant source of amazement, inspiration and sanguineness. Piano player extraordinaire, Ryan's prowess and command of this celebrated instrument is unquestionable. But it's not his technique or 'chops' alone that impress me. It's his musical mind, his unique approach to accompaniment and harmony and his unwavering spirit and mettle that shines through in every move he makes. I've no idea where he got his box of crayons but the colours he plays with ain't from the same box the rest of us have that's for sure.
         I love that Ryan has brought on board the soaring songstress Shauna Mullin who delivers four gems that shine beautifully within the context of the other traditional melodies too.
        Ryan Molloy's understanding and feel for the tunes he plays combined with his giftedness and maverick mind makes for music of great depth and beauty. Ryan's playing is definitive and this album 'Pianophony' is a milestone.


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